Welcome home - Andrew Dawes re-joins Northrop

Northrop is pleased to welcome back Andrew Dawes. Andrew re-joins us as a Senior Civil Engineer, heading a team of civil engineers in our Sydney office. 

Welcome home. So what brought you back to Northrop?

Thanks! Ultimately I came back because I wanted to get back into an employee-owned company. At Northrop being a manager doesn’t mean stepping away from engineering. Northrop has senior staff working on all projects and that was attractive to me. I believe in a private company you can provide the level of customer service that can’t be matched in a large organisation. In a way you’re the master of your own destiny – not hamstrung by a corporate structure.

I originally left Northrop to get experience at a big firm. Northrop at the time I left was a small company – with only 40 people. Now I’m back and there are 130 people in the Sydney office alone. I’ve been impressed with the capability and expertise of the team here at Northrop. It’s night and day compared to five years ago. Northrop has really grown up.

What have you been up to these last few years?

Well, I got married. And did some travelling. I’m currently looking for a place to settle down in Sydney.

Engineering-wise I’ve worked on some major retail developments right across Australia, quite a few over the $100m+ mark. And helped deliver several large-scale residential subdivisions.

What’s your sense of how the market is going in New South Wales?

There is a lot of media in relation to the struggling retail market, but I’ve seen a real shift by companies like Lendlease to invest in transforming their centres into a lifestyle experience – not just shopping. This has been a welcome direction from these forward-thinking companies and I think they’ll be rewarded by customers for that.

Obviously high- and medium-density residential is booming at the moment and given the supply shortage driven by high standards of living and migration I see the market continuing for the next few years at least.

The growth centre releases are once in a generation opportunity and I’m excited to have been a part of that development.

What’s the plan now that you’re back?

I’ve been given a team of six to work closely with, so I’m spending the next few weeks getting to know their capabilities.  Quality and service are really important to me so I’ll be focusing on the quality of what we are producing, technical training and great customer service.  I’d like to think that I can bring my positive experiences from large scale projects to all that we do at Northrop.

I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with clients and colleagues. Northrop are a company that invest a lot of time in managing client relationships so I’ll be spending time to make sure I understand the needs of my clients so that I can provide the best service possible.

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