Congratulations to the Associates of 2015

Associate appointments recognise Northrop people who have seized the opportunity to make a valuable and enduring contribution to our success. They are an important part of the Northrop business and to our clients. They have been recognised for their capability and ability to work with clients in achieving their goals. Northrop would not be the same without these people.

They make a difference and they take ownership. Associates are appointed at different stages of their careers, some will go on to be Principals, others are developing as leaders, and each is working to their strengths and will make a unique contribution to Northrop’s future and the future of our clients.

We are delighted to announce the associates for 2015. Congratulations to Ali Habibi, Craig Furness, Aaron Hughes, Rory Dale, Michael Smith, Rob Windbank, Aaron Cordina, Goran Lukic, Ibby Kanalas, Mal Brown, Amir Girgis, David Jorritsma, Peter Sutton & Kate Lainson.

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