Meet Jono

Congratulations to structural engineer Jonathon Low, who has been appointed to Associate after nine years with Northrop.

Jono is from a large family and grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. But his fondest memories are from his days on the farm in Armidale, where his mum spent her childhood. He and his three older siblings would spend their holidays there, visiting with grandparents. 

Growing up with many siblings and cousins has given Jono a keen sense of inclusiveness, and resilience. He is tolerant of others and engages quickly with all types of people. It’s for this reason that he’s deemed a part of Northrop’s cultural ‘glue’ – a title he also attributes to never wanting to miss out.

“I like to involve myself in all activities. I just can’t help myself. Having good friends here makes coming to work so much better,” he says. Jono regularly organises social events, speaks out when things aren’t right and is a huge advocate for positive change. It’s these strengths, and his ability to deal with people that have seen him lead successful teams and deliver an array of large-scale projects.

He has also been exceptional in recruiting and developing new graduates. “I resonate well with graduates, having been through the program myself,” he says. “I’m passionate about what we have to offer here at Northrop, and I enjoy meeting new people. It’s a good combination for recruiting the best talent.”

When he’s not at work, you’ll likely find Jono on the water. The perfect day begins with a sleep-in, followed by brekky, coffee and a light nor ‘easterly wind. He and his wife love spending time sailing on their yacht, ‘Arch Rival’, followed by a few quiet drinks and a barbeque with friends – plus a hilarious game of ‘Cards against Humanity’.

Jono is a shining example of one of Northrop’s future leaders. 

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