Seven traits of exceptional civil consultants

Our civil engineers help shape our built environment through planning, designing and implementing construction projects across an incredibly diverse project portfolio. With this diversity, comes an even more diverse set of engineering problems to (creatively and efficiently) solve.

So along with a broad skillset, technical expertise and local knowledge, what else does it take to be an exceptional civil consultant?

1. They focus on scope and quality

The most important aspects of a project are scope and quality. Spending time to understand the scope and price appropriately will produce high quality engineering and documentation and save thousands in program delays and variations during construction.

2. They’ve got councils and authorities on their side

A good consultant will effectively manage councils and authorities to avoid lengthy project delays. Councils and authorities can have the capacity to slow a project down. Consultants that have long standing relationships streamline the approval process. Relationships go both ways. Ensure your engineer is asking the right questions to really understand the goals of the client and the project. Get your project off on the right foot.

3. They dig deep to understand your project

It’s important to think about how to best engage with your consulting team. In today’s commercial market maintaining a level of cost control is imperative to retain a reasonable return on your next development. Investing in sound relationships early, with consultants that understand your project will set your project up on the right track.

4. They always add value

Experience and time will bring value engineering to the most complex situation.

Civil components of most projects are substantial and require attention, consultants need to fully grasp the civil components to avoid any costly risks.

5. They tell you the risks up front

Look for consultants who are open and transparent and communicate the risks up front – by identifying worst case scenarios early gives a greater understanding on how to resolve any situation before it becomes a problem or an additional cost.

6. They are transparent and collaborative

When working on dynamic and complex projects, close collaborative relationships provide a greater insight into the project and its potential challenges. Collaboration creates transparency and trust which creates opportunities for a projects success. 

7. They think like their clients

All clients’ needs are different. Consultants should take the time to understand the level of service required by each individual client – some are very hands-on while others not so much.

It’s not all about engineering and consultants should take ownership of the project and think holistically.  Having senior consultants involved in projects ensures a level of responsiveness, creativity and care that adds immeasurable value to projects.

Our team of talented civil engineers are experienced in tackling a wide-range of engineering challenges and know what it takes to successfully deliver complex projects. Get in touch with us about your next project by calling us on 02 9241 4188 or send us an email at


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