Meet Aaron

Aaron has always been a dedicated sportsman. He spent his formative years in Canberra playing rugby and was later awarded a basketball scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport. 

While these days he favours boxing and martial arts, he’s appreciative of the way team sports have influenced his career. “Playing basketball, you build a lot of comradery with your teammates. That carries across when you get involved with a business. It’s not just about you – it’s about the whole company”, he says.

Aaron started at Northrop in 2013 as a senior hydraulic and fire services engineer. It was a two-man team back then, on the back of the GFC. Given the economic uncertainty, he was mindful not to put too much pressure on his team, instead directing their focus to research and development. “It was important for our people to know they were still contributing, even during down times. Plus, we needed to build a stronger base, as we weren’t going to be quiet forever”, Aaron reflects. It was this proactive, small business approach that helped the team to keep its head above water. It’s since doubled in size and continues to thrive.

The first to admit he’s highly driven, Aaron enjoys solving people’s problems and challenging himself. He believes it’s a culture we share at Northrop. “There are no limitations, apart from what you put on yourself. If you get in and do good work, you can reach your goals fast. The pathways to success are clear, and the company rewards you for it. Sometimes you fall short, but you have to fit that mindset, or you won’t last”, he says.

As Principal, Aaron hopes to contribute new ideas by drawing on his own experience. He is also passionate about improving our level of service.  “It’s important to service every client with the same degree of importance and to do a good job on every project,” he says. “It’s the key to growth and will strengthen our stakeholder relationships.” 

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