Meet Ian

Ian is from the West of London. After studying at Bath University, he spent his early career in the UK before moving to Dublin for three years. It was here he met his wife and fellow engineer, Beth and in 2006 they relocated to Australia.

Beth has recently taken maternity leave after the arrival of their twin girls. The couple also has a two-year-old daughter, so life is busy. Ian enjoys playing squash, kayaking and mountain biking. Although admittedly he had more time for this before having three girls under age of three. But he still likes to take his eldest daughter outdoors, taking her for walks and stopping for snacks along the way.  

He has been with Northrop for four years now, having moved here from a role with Hyder. He was initially employed as the group manager for the structural section with a team of eight. He now leads the entire structural section.

Ian is focussed on customer service and is very respectful of relationships and working with trusted, like-minded people both inside and outside of Northrop. “I like the fact there is a whole Northrop way of doing things, which is fundamentally about everyone being open, and there’s no hidden agenda. Transparency. The people. How we respect each other and the people that we work with,”he explains.

As Principal, Ian will continue to grow and strengthen our internal and external relationships.  With a passion for problem-solving, he’ll also enjoy finding the best solutions for his clients’ needs.  Plus, he’d like to develop our Northrop talent through more creative thinking. As he puts it, “Creativity will help us to strengthen partnerships with our clients, through our resolve to better understand their business and their needs.”

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