Northrop Sydney host another successful 'Beer & Cheese' event

“Building quality relationships” was the theme of our Beer and Cheese night on 21st September.  And it isn’t just the unusual relationship between boutique beers and artisan cheeses that we celebrated, but the wonderful and enduring relationships we have with our clients.

Did you know that pouring a beer into a glass can change the flavour of beer immensely? I mean, wouldn’t it be unheard of if we popped our champagne and took a drink from the bottle? So why is it such common practice to pry the lid off a bottle of beer without giving a second thought to pouring the beer into a glass?

Whenever we taste anything, be it food or drink, we are combining the use of our sense of taste and more importantly our sense of smell.  And the aromatic flavours present in our wonderful beers are simply lost by drinking straight from the bottle.

It was a sensory overload in our Sydney offices. We were once again entertained by international beer educator, writer and judge, Kirrily Waldhorn and globally renowned cheese expert, Claudia Bowman. Following an enjoyable masterclass where beer pouring competitions were had and cheese were tasted, tables which were set up throughout the office paired our engineering disciplines to beer and cheese and guests were encouraged to sample them all. A ‘structural stout’, or a ‘civil pale ale’ perhaps?

We have been hosting this event for six years and we are continually reminded of the valuable relationships we have. These relationships underpin our success and we’d like to extend a warm thanks to all who came along. And remember, next time you open that ice cold beer, pour it in a glass! 


Pictures taken by the talented Sarah-Jane Edis.

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