Northrop is proud to announce our sponsorship of Kimberlee Green, Captain of the Giants Netball Team

​Kimberlee Green, Captain of the Giants Netball Team, puts the Northrop Netters through their paces.

On the 24th May, the Northrop Netters Netball Team, as well as Northrop staff and their families, had the opportunity to train with Kim. She ran them through a typical Giants training session. It was said that being able to run drills and work through movements that the Giants use every day, was a really surreal experience for the team. They even had the chance to play a full court game. This proved to be a challenge in the early hours of the morning, but made for great fun and a lot of laughs.

Kim gave the team some valuable insight into warm up techniques, strategies and game plays that they intend on putting into action in the weekly company games. The team are so thankful for the great opportunity to learn from one of the sport’s great players. They all had a blast and look forward to the coming season!

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