New Brisbane Civil Team wows with expertise, innovation and service

Northrop is thrilled to announce that Shane Miley and Mitch Blyth have joined Graham Coles in our Brisbane Civil team. 
Whilst Shane (Land Development Team Leader) and Mitch (Civil Projects Team Leader) both have a broad civil engineering experience, these two highly skilled engineers have unique talents which they bring to Northrop. Shane has extensive experience in the commercial assessment, planning and delivery of subdivisions and master planned communities, while Mitch is experienced at delivering projects for a broad cross-section of project and client types across all key phases of the built form developments.
Shane’s main focus in the SEQ region has been on large-scale projects in the roles of senior civil engineer and project manager. Some of his key deliveries have included Springfield Rise at Spring Mountain; The Fairways at Hatton Vale; The Rise at Park Ridge; The Sanctuary at Springfield Lakes; Samford Skies; and Kinsellas Road at Mango Hill.
Mitch, early in his career, worked in design roles on large residential and infrastructure projects (mining and defence in particular), before transitioning into lead engineering roles with a focus on infill projects. Having led a civil team that has recently worked on notable projects including Stage 1 DA of the $750M Albion Exchange project and Construction Phase of the $200M Howard Smith Wharves upgrade, Mitch likes to get his hands dirty in all project phases. 
As the Land Development Team Leader and an RPEQ, Shane leads a team of engineers, designers and draftspeople who specialise in the design and delivery of land development projects. He is ensuring Northrop boasts an industry-leading service that clients can rely on, from initial feasibility and acquisition right through to construction delivery and handover. His technical input and ultimate certification of projects ensures that the right solution is planned from the early stages of the project.
In Mitch’s role as Civil Projects Team Leader, he plans and delivers brownfield civil projects, expertly meeting client requirements and associated RPEQ technical reviews of projects prior to issue. This role requires a deep understanding of civil engineering principles to devise and provide innovative, practical and economical design solutions, Mitch said.
In addition, Shane and Mitch each have their own special focus.
“I will focus on value-add for our clients when considering constraints and opportunities on their existing or potential development sites,” Shane explained.
“This involves building on my strong relationships with local authorities and service providers in the SEQ region to resolve servicing issues and open up new opportunities for positive development outcomes.”
Shane also plans to drive digital innovation within the Civil Team, “with a particular direction towards data management”. With his background in greenfield and master-planned development and Mitch’s background in infill and built-form civil support, the pair offers a set of services that cover all aspects of civil and urban development.
The new role of Civil Projects Team Leader, according to Mitch, offers opportunities to further educate and assist clients.
“I wish to provide an even higher standard of service given to clients, with a particular focus on client education on project risk and process for brownfield projects,” he said.
“Having been lucky enough to watch many of my previous projects be put in the ground, I am drawing on this experience and forging a technical culture that ensures designs are not only compliant with authority codes and ‘value engineered’ but also constructible.”
Mitch emphasised he is a “huge advocate” for continual improvement and leveraging past experience - something which he said is key to staying competitive in this ever-changing industry.
What Shane and Mitch have in common is the ability to ‘push the envelope’ for Northrop. Shane likes to “stay ahead of the curve” with digital and innovative technologies, thereby bringing solutions to clients that help them efficiently manage delivery of their projects. Mitch is endeavouring to “reimagine the listening aspect of the typical consulting role” whereby he means to go out of his way to gain a greater depth of understanding of client drivers and expectations of project success.
When you wow clients with expertise, innovation and service where else would you go for your civil engineering needs but Northrop?

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