Connecting with our Parramatta neighbours…on the light rail

Being relatively new to the Central River City of Parramatta, Northrop is keen to mix and mingle with our neighbours. So we reached out to Parramatta BizConnect to find ways to make connections with local businesses.  
Parramatta BizConnex runs a range of support businesses, including a series called Net.Working Talks. We both saw an opportunity to partner in the delivery of this seminar series. As a result, Northrop provides its office space and an eager audience of staff networkers, and BizConnect hosts speakers, a broader audience and refreshments. It’s very professionally run by Nahid Atalla, it’s a real win:win.  
A recent seminar was presented by NSW Government representatives on the Parramatta Light Rail (PLR). The PLR is a transformative infrastructure project that will connect people to places in the Central River City.  
Stage 1 will open in 2023 and by 2026, around 27,500 people will use PLR every day and an estimated 130,000 people will be living within walking distance of light rail stops. The nearest stop to Northrop’s office is Parramatta Square, a mere 500m from our front door. Not only will this make it easier for our staff to move around the district for meetings, many of our staff can commute – a train will operate every 7 mins (7am-7pm). Another benefit is the amount of cars that this transport infrastructure will remove from local and connector roads. Northrop’s Parramatta Principal Stephen Fryer said “We can only imagine the total benefits the project will deliver and we are really looking forward to the trains rolling down Macquarie Street”.  


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