Northrop acoustics sounding good

Northrop’s commitment to quality design, coupled with strength through close working relationships, are what attracted David Luck to his new role as Acoustics Manager.
David leads Northrop’s Acoustics Team and, while based in Sydney, he is responsible for the delivery of projects across all offices. He holds a Masters in Engineering Science, Noise and Vibration, with a strong background in commercial building design and environmental noise.  
But David is also very good with people, both with clients and his own team. He believes leadership is about bringing the best out in people, providing guidance and maintaining a healthy and happy work environment.
“Our Acoustics Team is challenged to apply independent thinking and research on a daily basis. So constructive guidance is an important aspect of being a leader,” David says.
“We have a very experienced team, well-versed in a range of acoustic issues. Northrop has quite a diverse variety of infrastructure and building related clients so being able to service both aspects is exciting.”
With David now at the helm, Northrop’s growing Acoustic Team comprises Riduan Osman, a senior acoustics engineer with 35 years’ experience and a PhD in Architectural Acoustics, and acoustics engineer, Isabella Adlington, who is completing a Masters in Architectural Science. 
Riduan has substantial experience and knowledge in building and mechanical services acoustics and architectural acoustics of artistic performance and educational and teach facilities. Isabella is a keen room acoustics modeller and enjoys designing performance spaces, laboratories, teaching spaces and integration of acoustic design with buildings services and engineering disciplines.
Over the last decade, David has been involved in some very interesting and challenging projects and anticipates more of the same at Northrop.
“CBA Australian Technology Park was a significant commercial project for the provision of an additional 90,000 m² banking and community centre space,” he explains. “One of the major acoustic challenges of this project was the considerably large floor plates (6000-9000 m²) and controlling noise intrusion from the atrium spaces. 
“And one of the buildings was constructed of structural steel - this created quite a few construction issues for achieving acceptable levels of speech privacy.
In another project, an existing carwash was being relocated from its quiet concrete bunker to an open rooftop area and David’s team was asked to provide the design. Following benchmarking of the existing facility and correcting for existing room conditions, reference noise data was used to design the new carwash. 
“The problem was to trap noise inside of the carwash, as it was predicted to leak via thin vinyl roller doors,” David says.
“This is done by applying absorptive material inside to the walls and ceiling inside the enclosure, however, most absorptive products when wet, sag and do not absorb noise that well.” 
Following research, David identified a glass resin bead product. This was applied to the inside of the carwash enclosure and successfully absorbed the noise and complied with noise limits.
David has previously seen the Acoustics Discipline across Australia and New Zealand grow steadily over past few years and believes Northrop is an organisation well-placed to take that next step.  
Working on a project that could benefit from advice from an Acoustics expert? Contact David Luck on or call 02 9241 4188.

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