What drives Emma Hayes?

Emma Hayes is not your typical graduate. A structural engineer from our Canberra office, Emma joined Northrop in February 2018, and has big plans to use her engineering skills to make the world a better place.
Originally from Coffs Harbour, Emma completed a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the University of Wollongong in 2017. It was, however, a chance meeting at school work experience that first made Emma consider a career in engineering.
“I was fortunate enough to meet a civil engineer that volunteered regularly with the Red Cross,” says Emma. “He offered his expertise as an engineer in times of international humanitarian crisis.” 
“He had recently returned from Haiti where he helped build houses and a water system for the residents recently devasted by earthquake.” 
“This really peaked my interest in continuing with engineering through high school and tertiary studies.”
During university, Emma visited family in Newcastle and was impressed by Northrop’s award-winning project, the Newcastle Memorial Walk. She also learnt that Northrop was involved with the earthquake crisis that was occurring in New Zealand at the time.
Recognising an alignment of values, and having heard good things from people who worked at Northrop, Emma sort out the company once her studies were complete.
Today, Emma is building her skills, gaining lots of experience and enjoying the day-to-day life of a graduate engineer.
“At Northrop, I start my day by clearing out the difficult tasks. These are generally the engineering calculations required in the design of building structures.” 
“The remainder of the day would include prioritising tasks and managing the deliverables for a range of projects. I could easily find myself juggling up to 12 projects, all at different phases.”
“The projects I have been responsible for range from the vibrational analysis of a timber plank, to the structural design of a 16-storey building!”
“I spend the majority of my time in the office, however most projects involve site visits. I also provide immediate technical assistance where required. There is a lot expected of me and that is something that really gets me going.” 
“As a graduate at Northrop, I get the opportunity to be a point of contact for our clients. I enjoy the visibility and not having to hide behind senior engineers.” 
“I’m fully engaged and involved at every stage of a project from the design phase through to construction.” 
“There is a huge emphasis here to empower junior engineers by giving them responsibility early in their career.”
“At the same time, Northrop graduates have the guidance and support of their colleagues and the senior team whenever they need it.”
“Northrop also prioritises giving back to the community, which I highly respect.”  
“One of my goals in life is to help as many people as possible. I look forward to utilising the skills that I am building here at Northrop, not only to continue to help our wonderful clients, but also with humanitarian work in the future.
If you’d like to find out more about Northrop and the opportunities available, check us out at https://northrop.com.au/careers

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