4 Jun 2019

Did you know that pouring a beer into a glass greatly changes the flavour of the beer? International beer educator, writer and judge, Kirrily Waldhorn and globally renowned cheese expert, Claudia Bowman, joined the Melbourne Northrop team, along with 90 guests at our recent Beer & Cheese evening.

23 May 2019

Emma Hayes is not your typical graduate. A structural engineer from our Canberra office, Emma joined Northrop in February 2018, and has big plans to use her engineering skills to make the world a better place.

29 Apr 2019

Northrop’s senior mechanical engineer, Leo Mathews, has successfully completed the rigorous training and examination to be named Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) by the Uptime Institute.

17 Apr 2019

Newly-appointed board member Karlie Collis is a Northrop principal who’s been with the company for almost 15 years, and joins the board with a keen determination to continue to build on the qualities that make Northrop a special place to work.

15 Apr 2019

Undertaking developments next to railway lines can be tricky. There are a myriad of additional considerations and approvals which affect the design, the construction and the operation of a project, and if not addressed early, can have significant cost implications.

9 Apr 2019

“Ensuring that sustainability is successfully integrated into each project starts with us being able to communicate and engage effectively” says Northrop’s sustainability consultant, Nicola Viselli.

4 Apr 2019

Northrop are pleased to announce the appointment of four new Principals; Peter Young, Rod Pratt, Ali Habibi and Daniel Holland. 

2 Apr 2019

While the idea of modular construction can strike fear into the hearts of those unfamiliar with the process, senior structural engineer and principal, Karlie Collis says Northrop can demystify the process and provide clients with cost-effective well-built projects.

20 Mar 2019

Want the best outcome for your project? The key lies in the involvement of your design engineers from beginning to end.

25 Feb 2019

Northrop is one of only a few consultancies with the knowledge to design engineered timber buildings. With several exciting timber projects under their belt, Northrop has developed a wealth of knowledge in timber design and an unquenchable enthusiasm of what the future holds as developers, builders and architects across Australia turn to timber. 

24 Jan 2019

When you’re the engineers of choice for school projects for numerous managing contractors and architects, all vying for your services, you know your report card is scoring top marks.

20 Dec 2018

After 45 years in the industry, starting at the bottom and working up to senior engineer and shareholder of Northrop, Bryan Cossart has decided to move into well-earned retirement.

19 Dec 2018

Structural engineer, Alissa Colafella, is right where she wants to be - working on amazing projects for Northrop, balancing work and home life while enjoying her family, and helping to carve an easier path for future women engineers.

10 Dec 2018

State government funding announcements for new schools and upgrades typically receive a lot of media attention. With all the hype, it’s critical to look at how to stretch every project dollar so educators and students benefit most.

20 Nov 2018

Despite a continually changing world, Northrop is in it for the long haul, ensuring the business has full control over its own destiny, and its people are personally invested.

5 Nov 2018

Australia’s construction industry is risk-averse, there’s no two ways about it. Our new buildings and public infrastructure are reliant on construction technologies and work practices that haven’t changed for decades. But the costs of construction continue to rise. 

30 Oct 2018

Being relatively new to the Central River City of Parramatta, Northrop is keen to mix and mingle with our neighbours. So we reached out to Parramatta BizConnect to find ways to make connections with local businesses.  

26 Oct 2018

While ‘sustainability’ has become a common term to use we shouldn’t lose sight of what it really means – more water and energy efficiency in buildings and a healthier environment for humans to live and work in. This translates into savings and a more secure income for asset owners and investors.

10 Oct 2018

On Saturday 6th October, Northrop sent eight representatives; Steve Vergot (manager), Joel Chapman (captain), Ali Habibi, Brendan Blake, Chris Vosnakis, Dave Bryceson, Joe Caparrotta, Sam Chapple and Davide Graniero, to do battle with 23 other football teams in the much-anticipated annual NSW Corporate Games. 

26 Sep 2018

The ability to combine electrical engineering with artistic creativity is a space in which Lawrence Robinson from Northrop Consulting Engineers is finding himself more and more. And he’s not complaining.

The Board has appointed Ian Van Eerden, Isabel Duffy, Lachlan Sykes, Marlo Santiago, Nick Boey, Surekha Parajuli, Laura Brest and Stephen Troilo as Northrop Associates. 

25 Sep 2018

Northrop is thrilled to announce that Shane Miley and Mitch Blyth have joined Graham Coles in our Brisbane Civil team.

1 Aug 2018

Graham Coles is the new Civil Manager for Northrop in Brisbane. His technical and management expertise covers all manner of urban development, but his passion lies in land subdivisions. He understands the client’s vision and delivers cost-efficient outcomes while working with industry stakeholders to ensure project risks remain low.

Northrop’s Neil Petherbridge says Newcastle’s burgeoning market is strong, with construction of residential apartments and commercial offices, along with private hospitals, aged care and retail investing heavily in the area, together with the recovering mining sector.

12 Jul 2018

Our Charity Golf Days have become somewhat legendary. And this year’s event held at Waratah Golf Club on Friday 25th May, was no exception. With threatening skies and potential rain, the weather held out as 140 golfers took part in this annual event, now in its 21st year. 

6 Jul 2018

Having opened in January 2016, Northrop’s Melbourne office has come a long way in a short time, expanding its knowledge and expertise to better serve local clients.

5 Jul 2018

Roberta Brosco, a mechanical engineer from Northrop’s Canberra office, is volunteering on a construction project in Peru. Run by local organisation Maximo Nivel, volunteers help to build or repair homes, add classrooms to schools, or to make structural improvements to orphanages.


28 Jun 2018

Northrop has achieved the status of an Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) by the Asset Standards Authority (ASA) of Transport for NSW (TfNSW).


18 Jun 2018

Structural engineers Lilian Lee and Karlie Collis believe women bring a wide range of skills to the field of engineering. And they should know; they are principals and owners at Northrop.

8 Jun 2018

On the 24th May, the Northrop Netters Netball Team, as well as Northrop staff and their families, had the opportunity to train with Kim. She ran them through a typical Giants training session.

2 May 2018

The ‘Smart Cities Guide for Built Environment Consultants’ is the result of a collaboration between Consult Australia, the Smart Cities Council (ANZ) and their respective members. It defines and sets out the functions of a smart city and includes a checklist for collaboration across the sector.
Our Sydney Sustainability Manager, Amir Girgis, has been instrumental in the development of this document and is acknowledged as a contributor.   

5 Mar 2018

Annie Sim

Our newest Senior Sustainability Consultant, Annie Sim, has written an article on examples that showcase the importance of site microclimate and computer-aided optimisation towards Sustainability in the Built Environment.

22 Jan 2018

On the 26th May last year, Northrop hosted its 20th Annual Charity Golf Day in partnership with Ronald McDonald House, Newcastle. We are incredibly proud to be a gold sponsor having raised more than $200K over the past 14 years to support the families of sick or injured children who are staying at Ronald McDonald House.

18 Dec 2017

As part of our Giving Back initiative, we sent two teams out to OzHarvest for a hands-on cooking class transforming rescued food into restaurant-quality meals that are then delivered directly to people who need them the most.

13 Dec 2017

Meet Chris. He grew up in a small country town called Dunedoo. He relishes his sport and he's one of our latest principals. Congratulations Chris.

6 Dec 2017

There are a few things in life that Annie's wildly passionate about: that every person should have the utmost respect for themselves, women’s rights and global sustainability. 

On weekends, you might David Farrar riding his Triumph through the Yarra Valley, enjoying some good food and wine, or doing a workout session at the gym.  But at work, his passion lies firmly in business development and building relationships. And he’s established a vast network of clients and associates over his 25 years in the property industry.

28 Nov 2017

With over 190,000 people attending the first Coates Hire Newcastle 500 in November 2017, it is appropriate to reflect on how this amazing event was delivered.

8 Nov 2017

In 2018, Northrop Newcastle turns 25. Neil Petherbridge reflects on some of the key milestones that got us to where we are today. 

4 Oct 2017

“Building quality relationships” was the theme of our Beer and Cheese night on 21st September.  And it isn’t just the unusual relationship between boutique beers and artisan cheeses that we celebrated, but the wonderful and enduring relationships we have with our clients.

Northrop has over 25 years’ experience working in live environments – a scenario common in projects involving upgrades to such facilities as Clubs, Pubs, Retail, and Hospitals.

27 Sep 2017

Meet Aaron. A dedicated sportsman with a passion for client service. Congratulations on becoming a principal in 2017. 

21 Sep 2017

Ian Van Eerden

Improving efficiency in healthcare without reducing patient care has presented challenges for sustainability professionals and is why we’re thrilled to share our recent achievement. Illawarra International Health Precinct is the first healthcare facility in NSW to achieve a 5 Star Design Rating. 

13 Sep 2017

Meet Ian. He's from the west of London, loves the outdoors and is a creative thinker. He's another one of our latest Principals. Congratulations Ian. 

6 Sep 2017

Kieran Steele

Smart Cities, Communities and Buildings are the talk of the town at the moment, but the biggest challenge to proper implementation is the lack of a global standard for what these terms mean. 

Born and raised in Canberra, Dave grew up with two older brothers and spent much of his time camping, on family 4WD outings and motorbike riding. 

30 Aug 2017

It was a brisk morning on Friday August 25 as our riders stretched their muscles about to embark on a 60km ride around the scenic Samford area, QLD. 

Australia’s population is much older today than it has been in the past, and both the number and proportion of older people is growing steadily. The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that by 2064 there will be 9.6 million people aged 65 and over, with life expectancy in Australia the highest in the world (www.aihw.gov.au/ageing/about/). 

23 Aug 2017

Meet Mal. He's humble yet somewhat competitive. He's ambitious and has a keen drive to watch others succeed. He's one of our latest principals, congratulations Mal. 

14 Aug 2017

Meet Mike. A self starter, garage potterer and one of our latest Prinicpals. Congratulations Mike.


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