Nada Trochilas

Associate, Sydney Operations Manager

Nada joined Northrop in 2015 as the Sydney Office Manager and Regional Business Support Manager.  She is a respected senior manager and visible leader who individually and through her team, makes a substantial contribution to the success of the Sydney Region. Nada has developed the capability and capacity of the Sydney business support team and delivered substantial improvements in financial management, client service, IT functions, project submissions, operational excellence, staff inductions and diversity in the workplace. 

Nada is an active member of the Sydney senior management team, contributing to the establishment and attainment of strategic outcomes. She holds positions in committees including Diversity, IT, Social, WHS and Women in Northrop (WIN).  She is a role model, not only for her team, but for all women within the Sydney office. Outside of Sydney, Nada has been influential in building comradery not only amongst business support but all staff across Northrop offices.  She loves helping people reach their personal and career goals through the provision of effective methods and strategies within Northrop. She has a real passion for people and believes they are the most important part of any business.  She is a driving force and strong supporter of cross regional training, staff swaps, information sharing and recruitment.

Nada was appointed as an associate in 2017.


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