Shawnee Finlayson

Associate Structural Group Manager | Technology Implementation Lead

Shawnee Finlayson is Northrop’s Technology Implementation Lead, a Structural Group Manager, and a Structural Draftsperson. Shawnee has worked on a variety of structural projects, including residential, commercial and sporting facilities around the world. Outside of project work, Shawnee has a passion for developing and implementing new technology in the AEC industry.

Shawnee regularly speaks at conferences and events about technology and workflows in the AEC industry, including Autodesk University (Las Vegas), BILT, Sydney Computational Design Group and SydBIM.

Technical Committee Member - Innovation Management (ISO/TC 279 & MB-279)

Shawnee is a member of the Australia technical committee (MB-279) that is developing Australia's response to the work underway internationally to standardise the terminology, tools, methods and interactions between businesses, governments and academics to enable innovation at scale.


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