2 Elizabeth Place, North Sydney energy efficiency strategy

2 Elizabeth Plaza, North Sydney held a 2 Star National Australian Building Energy Rating System (NABERS) energy rating. Our client asked Northrop’s sustainability team to devise a strategy that would advance the score to a minimum of 4.5 Stars, attracting long-term, higher-quality tenants.

A lack of as-built documentation and resources (due to the building’s age) meant we needed to create a simulation to determine the benchmark performance of the base structure. We refined this further with an Energy Improvements Study, which identified energy-saving initiatives to satisfy the desired targets over the life cycle of the building.

Northrop worked within a greater staging scope to ensure minimal disruption to existing tenants, and to make certain that the selected concept would meet sustainability goals yet stay in cost-effective range.

We collaborated with Northrop’s building services teams (Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic) and gained internal expertise on core building sub-systems, which enabled us to make the model as realistic as possible.

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