Australian Container Freight Services (ACFS) Logistics Terminal, QLD

This container handling facility is arguably the largest jointless fibre slab ever poured in Australia. It was built for ACFS and consists of a 30,000sqm warehouse, a commercial office building and 50,000sqm of external concrete pavement without a single joint. The external pavement has been designed to support fully loaded containers stacked 5 high.

As a Northrop initiative we adopted the BOSFA Combi-slab design technique to eliminate construction joints. We utilised the benefit of steel fibres and reinforcement to reduce slab thickness and remove pavement joints.  

This reduced costs significantly, enabled the slab to be built over poor ground conditions and was quicker to build than other comparable concrete solutions. It also significantly reduces ongoing maintenance costs. 

Australian Container Freight Services (ACFS) Logistics Terminal, QLD

ACFS Port Botany
Client Name
Hansen Yuncken
Construction Value
$31 million

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