Climate Change Adaptation Project for Charter Hall

Charter Hall is one of Australia's leading, fully integrated property investment and funds management companies.

With their strong reputation for resilience, Charter Hall engaged Northrop to advise on climate change risks and mitigation strategies across their commercial and retail portfolios, with a view to creating long-term transitional plans that fully address future asset risks posed by a changing climate.

Over the course of 6 months, our team collected and analysed information across the portfolios. We then conducted a series of workshops with asset and facilities managers, taking care to provide clarity around the risks with pragmatic high-level advice.  As the project progressed, we quickly identified the value of adopting a holistic approach by looping in other experts (across Northrop) to help communicate discipline-specific strategies and risk impacts (e.g. Mechanical services addressed the use of natural refrigerants and air conditioning systems; Electrical focussed on solar and electric vehicle charging; grid infrastructure loading; Structural - hail loading from changing weather and increased winds; risks posed by extreme floods and the structural impact of these etc).

On completion, our analysis was fed into an existing database for the client to communicate this information internally. User-experience of this database was key to project success and our Sustainability team had to think outside of the box to ensure that our matrix remained easy to use and visually appealing, whilst being compatible with Charter Hall’s existing interface.

Our technical approach and open communication style has been valued by the client and following completion of this project, we were asked to create template documents for their entire portfolio.

Here is what our client had to say about us: 

“Northrop translated the complexity of physical risks of climate change into a program of actionable adaptation measures for our Retail and Office portfolios. Short, medium and long term measures were identified appropriate to the level of risk, and consistent with our cycles for asset planning.”  

Jeanine Hill - Sustainability Manager | Charter Hall

If you are considering the impact that alterations in our climate would have on your project or asset, our Sustainability team can help you assess the risks and opportunities. We can help you build resilient buildings! Give us a call on 02 9241 4188 or email 

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