The Hyde Park Upgrade

Northrop were commissioned to upgrade the site, using civil, structural and hydraulic services. Works included stormwater drainage design, grading/levelling of footpaths plus the structural design of retaining walls and reflection pool. 

Stage 1 works included the Pool of Reflection, which was losing water and seeping into the surrounding grounds. The pathways were in bad shape and required repair with the pavement either worn or broken. Our team resolved all pool leaks with a hydraulic pump system created from scratch. We developed a detail for new walls and a weir that would aide in the retention of water within the pool. We had originally anticipated the removal of the existing pool base but during construction we inspected the pool base and suggested that it could be retained as it was in good working order. This was a significant cost and time saving to the client and achieved a similar end result. 
Stage 2 focused on stormwater drainage and footpath design.  Our aim was to create a pavement that would resist the traffic load during special events with grading to accommodate disabled access.  
Stage 3 involved the upgrade of the cafĂ© area and surrounding Museum train station. We accessed the existing station from underground, designing new internal structures to match.  
The Pool of Reflection was subsequently awarded the MBA Excellence in Construction Award in 2016. 

Photography by Anthony Fretwell and  Thom Craig

Client Name
City of Sydney
Construction Value
$8 million

2016 MBA Excellence in Construction Award

2017 AILA NSW Landscape Architecture Awards - Cultural Heritage Category winner

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