Lifecycle Design Guide for Charter Hall

As part of their ongoing commitment to building climate resilience into their assets, Charter Hall engaged Northrop to develop a Lifecycle Design Guide (specifically on their industrial properties) – with the aim of minimising and quantifying development impacts by reducing upfront carbon, achieving new updated Green Star targets and helping the internal stakeholders to understand the cost of carbon neutrality. 

As a completely new scope for Charter Hall and for Northrop, defining clear targets and objectives required a series of collaborative workshops between the client, and the client’s preferred builder to better understand cost constraints and agree on potential building solutions which would work well for all parties. Once workshops were completed, we compiled our findings (incorporating feedback from the client) and solutions in a final report which Charter Hall will use as their Lifecycle Design Guide to inform their future industrial projects. 

Leaving a lasting positive impact on our built environment is what drives our Sustainability Consultants! Our team used our passion and drive to proactively push the project along and formulate achievable and cost-effective long-term solutions which achieved the best outcome for the client, and ultimately the built environment.


Client Name
Charter Hall

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