Malek Fahd Islamic School, Hoxton Park

The project involved taking an unoccupied piece of land in Hoxton Park and developing it into an Internationally recognised school facility for students from K to 12.

The benign looking portion of land offered up quite significant site constraints in regards to environmental issues, poor ground conditions and also a local social landscape that was not very supportive of the development as a whole.

Northrop provided services both to the architect in the development of the design for the school buildings in the various stages, and also to the client and planner for the overall planning of the entire development and the connection to the existing council road network and infrastructure. This lead to Northrop also being involved in the design of a new Council bridge over the existing creek adjacent to the site.

Northrop has also been involved in the delivery of some of the Civil and infrastructure needs for the site through a Superintendent role. These multiple roles for Northrop on the project meant that a greater emphasis needed to be placed on communication and collaboration with all parties, including cooperation from external authorities.

The project is now seeing the construction of the stage three buildings and has future growth plans over a further three stages as the school grows. 

MFIS Hoxton Park

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