McCarrolls Maserati, Artarmon

This project involved converting 2 levels of an existing commercial office building into a high end (Maserati + Alfa Romeo) car dealership. The scope of works included modifications to the façade, cutting new voids in the existing slab for inter-floor stairs and the installation of a new car lift going from B2 up to L1.

All of the works were completed while the 3rd floor office space was still fully occupied and operational. Strengthening works to the existing concrete frame were required where we modified the existing façade (removal of existing concrete upstand beams). Tight construction time frame was the driver of this project so as to minimise the impact on the L3 tenants.

This project was an example of working across different Northrop offices. Design was carried out in Sydney. Documented by the Wollongong office. Verified by the Central Coast office. The design and documentation process was largely driven by the builder on a D+C contract. Northrop were very reactive to Reitsma particularly during the construction phase, as is often the case with projects involving existing buildings. 

Artarmon Maserati
Client Name
Rietsma Constructions
Construction Value
$3 million

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