St George Community Housing

Northrop provided a sustainability plan and corporate guidance in order to provide the client portfolio wide recommendations to achieve their stated sustainability goals.  The client’s goals state that they are to achieve an average 7 star NatHERs ratings for all new developments and a 4 star greenstar ratings for all new eligible developments.

Simultaneously to developing the plan, Northrop were assisting them with funding applications through the OEH and CEFC to fund the project. All of the differing organisations involved had differing goals ranging from reducing costs for the clients to reducing peak energy use. They worked together in a sense but some initiatives that were suggested addressed only one outcome.

Our sustainability team proposed initiatives and quantified the cost benefits of each in different ways. Through effectively packaging the measures we were able to get the best outcome for the client and other stakeholders.

We have provided a draft sustainability plan and are currently completing a detailed cost benefit analysis to inform OEH.

Client Name
St George Community Housing

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