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Northrop was engaged by UnitingCare Australia to provide solutions in civil engineering, traffic engineering, waste planning and structural engineering. The works needed to accommodate a staged development approach, delivered over a number of years, and involved several development applications, tender phases and construction programs.

The project presented several challenges that saw the site impacted by overland flow paths on two sides. There were also groundwater issues with the need for management of subsoil drainage, as well as local knowledge of the area crucial to capturing traffic conditions and cost effective structural solutions.

The solution

Given the staged development approach of this project and multiple pain points to be addressed, our in-depth local knowledge paired with multidisciplinary design and engineering skills enabled us to offer practical and tailored solutions, all within the required timeframes for our client.

Local knowledge

As a local engineer, Northrop had extensive knowledge of local authority requirements paired with national best practice approaches. This enabled us to resolve flood risks while maintaining accessibility requirements and provide practical waste planning solutions that reflected the organisation’s operational practices.

Extensive research and a tailored approach

We carried out an extensive investigation into the care model so we could tailor our design solutions to suit the client’s needs. From there, we explored all site constraints for overland and subsoil flows while modelling waste generation volumes, traffic volumes and the impact of the subsurface conditions on structural systems. Ultimately, we presented a design that successfully managed all project challenges without overcommitting on infrastructure.

The benefit of client involvement

UnitingAustralia was intimately involved throughout the project stages, including in the provision of vehicle surveys and waste surveys undertaken in other facilities. We worked closely to maximise the development area by minimising flood affected ones and maximising accessibility across the site. The resulting traffic solution provided a level of comfort with the authority and a design that facilitated the access of residents to nearby retail and community facilities.

Client testimonial

”From original concept stage through to the construction of our later additions, Northrop kept their senior Principals on our project. This consistency and long-term service enabled us to save time as they understood our drivers and expectations. Northrop’s staff are well across the authority requirements and market trends, they provided practical and cost-effective design solutions. Northrop coordinated their activities well with our broader team and worked effectively with a remote team. They were flexible in working to novated builders and providing technical review services for builder driven technical items.” Anthony Dimech, Director, Trademark Consulting

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Client Name
UnitingCare Australia
Construction Value
$70 million

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