Northrop in Melbourne

Northrop has made a move into Melbourne and is bringing its unique style of people and client management. James Sutherland, Northrop’s Melbourne manager gives an insight to the opportunities that this move creates for Northrop and the desire to connect with the Melbourne construction community.

Northrop in Melbourne ❤

“The focus is on growing Northrop in Melbourne is all about local presence, making decisions locally, having the power and autonomy to build the business in a way that suits the local market," said James.

“Northrop in Melbourne would suit a person who is actively looking for opportunities in their career. They are self-managed; understand their skills and how they can be best offered to the market.”

James has the support of the Northrop business, however the focus remains local. “We are an established business… but we are new to Melbourne and we want to learn about the city and learn how we can bring our style of engineering, people management, and a relationship based way of doing things.”

Looking to the future of Northrop Melbourne there is a key focus on growth and development of people in Northrop.

“We will continue to grow, we will grow into Melbourne and we will grow with good quality people. That’s our promise to our clients and the people we employ.”

To find out more about Northrop Melbourne contact James Sutherland on 03 9600 2645 or

Principal, Melbourne Regional Manager
James Sutherland

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