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At Northrop we put our people first. If you are looking to take your career to the next level and develop to your full potential, then Northrop is the place for you. Here's why...

Part of the family

At Northrop, we’re a family. We’re inclusive. We’re diverse. We want everyone who joins us to fulfil their potential, and we help, coax and sometimes push each other to achieve exactly that. Just as good families do. 
We’ve got each other’s backs, and everyone is comfortable and happy being themselves. Northrop is a home for high performers, but there’s no pretense and little politics. We engage with each other and do great work together. 
The business is owned by our senior people, who work among us and set the tone for our open and nurturing culture. 
Being employee owned means we decide what is important, which markets to work in, who to work with, what opportunities to harness, and which risks to take.
It’s all on us. When we succeed, we benefit – not some investor sitting on a beach. We’ve got skin in the game and we care deeply.

From very early in my career, Northrop has allowed me to liaise with clients, sub-consultants, government authorities and contractors
Looking back on my first year of full-time engineering, I am amazed by how much I have learnt and what I am now capable of.

Realising your potential

When you join Northrop, you’ll be given great opportunities, and very quickly you’ll be in front of clients and running projects of your own. 
You’ll be given the responsibility and freedom to make decisions – and making decisions and getting on with the job is easy here, because we don’t have layers of red tape. 
Of course while you’ll have responsibility, you’ll also have the guidance and support of talented colleagues and the senior team whenever you need it. 
At Northrop, we want you to take your career wherever you want it to go, and for us that means seizing every day – and every opportunity – with enthusiasm and passion. 
And, being an employee-owned company means there’s a clear path to the boardroom and company ownership here.

The thing that sets Northrop apart from the rest is their well-rounded employee development. Not only is there great support and help for professional development, but social development is also considered very important.
The Northrop business unit arrangement and the kinds of people within our company result in a workplace where you do not feel like just a number.

Do what you love

Combining talented people with passion, leads to sensational work. At Northrop, we have a huge variety of projects, and where possible we build project teams based on a combination of expertise, interest and passion – and from there we get the best results!
We help our people get better at doing what they love, by supporting their career and investing in their professional development. Our commitment to you – from day one – is that we will do everything we can to help you realise your potential.

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Engineering Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

We believe in providing our people with hands-on experience. That's why we offer opportunities to help talented engineering students and graduates.

You'll gain experience in a professional working environment and stretch your skills and knowledge. Plus - network with industry specialists, work on real-life projects and get paid to have a great experience! We offer a highly regarded training and mentorship program known as Northrop University.

Applications for our 2022/2023 Undergraduate/Graduate program are open.

    For more information on our recruitment process, click here.

    Upcoming Events

    We conduct numerous company events on a regular basis including technical and management seminars, through to whole of company conferences. We enjoy regular social events to ensure our people remain connected, and spend time celebrating and sharing in our successes.

    Keep an eye out for upcoming events we will be attending, so you can come and introduce yourself to one of our team members. We will update this section shortly.


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