From Singapore to Sydney - Northrop welcomes Annie to their sustainability team

There are a few things in life that Annie's wildly passionate about: that every person should have the utmost respect for themselves, women’s rights and global sustainability. 

Right now, she’s excited to be joining Northrop and collaborating with colleagues and clients who share in her interests and are doing it ‘for the love of the game’.

Annie’s a qualified electrical engineer who has diversified and found her place in the sustainability field. She’s been working in the industry for over ten years, most recently in Singapore.

Deemed a ‘City in a Garden’, Singapore is among 20 of the most carbon efficient countries in the world and sustainability is widespread. Annie gained a very different perspective on the different types of sustainability technologies that can be integrated during her time in Singapore. Her experience has seen her work on projects such as 'Gardens by the Bay' and the largest Healthcare campus in Singapore comprising 265,000m2 over six buildings. It’s been a wonderful learning experience from one of the world’s sustainability pioneers.

Having worked mainly with large corporate firms, Annie welcomes the change that Northrop brings. She was attracted to a company that is driven by its people with a big emphasis on culture. “I have never worked in a local Australian firm. All my previous work environments have been very corporate, with a strong focus on output and deliverables. Northrop is a people-centric business, and I want to be part of that work culture,” she says.

Research and development are central to encouraging the industry to adopt green building technology. Annie is currently exploring research topics to complete a PhD with a hope to contribute to the development of sustainability. “If its science there should be no boundaries; I believe that sustainability needs to go global. That’s what I’m passionate about”.

We’re sure our clients will see great value from Annie’s international knowledge, established project management skills and unswerving commitment to sustainability.

Annie Sim is a senior sustainability engineer with Northrop, if you'd like to get in touch please do so here.

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