Northrop Knights collect medal at NSW Corporate Games, Men’s Open Football 6’s Tournament

On Saturday 6th October, Northrop sent eight representatives; Steve Vergot (manager), Joel Chapman (captain), Ali Habibi, Brendan Blake, Chris Vosnakis, Dave Bryceson, Joe Caparrotta, Sam Chapple and Davide Graniero, to do battle with 23 other football teams in the much-anticipated annual NSW Corporate Games. 
Weather conditions were forecast for rain, and indeed it did with a 7cm downpour overnight, leading to a last-minute change of venue to the artificial pitches located at the Northern Districts Hockey Centre.
Facing some serious competition from Ernst & Young, ING, MPA and Capgemini, Northrop showcased some exceptional skill and teamwork, successfully making it through to the semifinals. Battling the weather, fatigue and injury, Northrop played hard, but were finally overrun by a well-rested Arcadis, who had the luxury of calling on a full bench in reserve. 
Entering the sixth match of the day, both teams (Northrop and PWC) were more than happy to go directly to the penalty shootout for 3rd place. An injured Joe appeared on one leg and tried a sneaky toe poke which the keeper saved. Chris was deadly from the spot scoring in both shootouts showing everyone how it’s done. 
Absolutely spent, after a grueling but awesome day, the Northrop Knights prevailed in the shootout with a 3-2 win, taking home the bronze medal. Go team!
Match 1:                  Northrop Knights    2 v 1    Ernst & Young
Match 2:                  Northrop Knights    6 v 0    ING
Match 3:                  Northrop Knights    0 v 0    MPA
Quarter Final:         Northrop Knights    0 v 0    Capgemini (3 – 2 Penalties)
Semi Final:              Northrop Knights    0 v 3    Arcadis
3rd Place Playoff:   Northrop Knights        -       PWC (3 – 2 Penalties)

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