Northrop’s climate commitments

At Northrop, we are passionate about leading change to create a positive legacy in the built environment. As a signatory to Engineer’s Declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency, we are committed to climate action, starting with our own operations and people first.

We have set challenging goals to address climate action through our project work, and we embark on this journey knowing that we're not alone.

  • By 2022 we will advocate for carbon neutrality and climate resilience on every project
  • By 2025 we will make carbon neutrality and climate resilience our default design philosophy on every project
  • By 2030 all our projects will be designed to be carbon neutral and climate resilient

As a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, Northrop considers taking action to create a sustainable future to be a critical aspect of our work. It speaks directly to our values-based culture of realising potential, which means developing and empowering our people to be leaders and agents of positive change for the sectors and communities we serve.

There are key focus areas established to align directly with our climate commitments, these are:

  • Energy
  • Habitat
  • Materials
  • Water

We will be focusing on building our knowledge and skills in these areas and taking a collaborative and informative approach. Working towards reducing the carbon footprint, improving climate resilience, and bringing a greater emphasis on these climate action initiatives into our projects.

The international climate summit COP26 recently held in Glasgow, Scotland is a timely reminder for all of us to work together on better outcomes for climate change.

“It was heartening to hear that China and USA have found some common ground, announcing they will work together on emissions reductions and an accelerated phase-out of unabated coal, along with reducing methane emissions and deforestation” said Northrop CEO Jamie Shelton.

The two superpowers have also agreed to share technology and expertise on clean energy, decarbonisation and electrification.

Culture, Attitudes & Actions on Climate Change

We’ve been talking to our clients to understand what climate change means to them and their business. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The survey results have provided great insight into the culture, attitudes & actions on climate change from the property and construction industry.

“We share these findings because our business, like yours, is built on relationships and enduring partnerships, which are the foundation of collaborative success. Together, we can make positive contributions towards sustaining our communities and ensuring business prosperity,” said Jamie.

Check out the full report here along with our reflections on what these results suggest about the way individuals and organisations can respond proactively to climate change.

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