In Memory of our friend Kevan Meldrum

It is with great sadness that we share the news of Kevan (Kev) Meldrum passing. Kev was a former Principal and Senior Civil Engineer of Northrop - above all he loved the company and its people.
Kevan joined the Northrop Sydney office in April 2003. Very quickly his supportive nature and engineering wisdom spread across all parts of the business. He was the ever-reliable backstop for our emerging leaders at the time - so they could find space, take risks and build the business - for which we all feel indebted.
Kevan was caring, fun and a joy to work with. He had a reassuring grin and a chuckle that would light up the office - to remind you to never take things too seriously. You could always rely on Kev for some news …. and a chat.
Kev touched many of our major roads, airport, industrial and sportsfields projects - whether by just providing some quick advice over the phone, or as a technical leader and client stakeholder. He was the model of Northrop Values - well before they were defined. His experience, genuine interest and friendliness formed his foundation.
Kevan was selfless and sacrificed a lot of his time and energy to share his knowledge and support the people around him, so they could thrive and achieve their goals. He did this knowingly, and without hesitation. He seemed to prioritise contributing to others’ success, probably because he could see the benefit that brought to the broader business.
Kev was also a very passionate man. This was invaluable in upholding our culture. Kevan cherished the Northrop experience; and would speak up whenever he felt that was being threatened.
Kevan had a reassuring and patient way of teaching - and encouraged you to unpack every detail. He reinforced the importance of building up solutions that were specific to the application - to get it right the first time. Engineering was a real adventure with Kev around - and seemed to always be available, only a phone call away.
Kevan’s network of colleagues, clients and industry partners was endless. Everyone valued his knowledge, practicality and friendship - for which he would gladly give out in spades. Kev introduced some great people and opportunities to Northrop - through clients, consultants, and prospective employees (some of whom went on to become leaders in the business).
Kev retired in 2015 - and with that left a big gap that Northrop could never truly fill. Kevan Meldrum - a talented engineer, gentleman and mate.
Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. 

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