Remembering Libby Christie AM

We acknowledge with deep sadness the passing of Libby Christie AM. Libby dedicated six impactful years on the Northrop Board. She was a steadfast pillar of passion, strength, and optimism. Beyond her role as a Director with our firm, Libby contributed significantly to the arts, and both public and private sectors in Australia.
Libby brought clarity of focus, generosity in her interactions, and an innate empathy that made every member of our team feel valued and understood. Libby set a standard for us all by demonstrating a dignified and exceptional leadership style. Facing challenges head-on, she transformed them into strategic avenues for growth. 
With exceptional leadership, her poise and approach set a high bar. Among Libby's many qualities, her ability to genuinely listen before offering profound counsel resonated particularly profoundly.
Every interaction and decision Libby made fostered an environment where every voice mattered and every perspective was valued. This was particularly evident in her contributions to shaping Northrop's approach to diversity and inclusion.
Libby’s lasting impact will continue to shape Northrop. We remain committed to continuing her work, ensuring that her principles inform our journey.
Her passing leaves a significant void. However, Libby's courage, energy, and authenticity inspire us to pursue greater depths and heights in all we do.
For those fortunate to work alongside her, we grieve the loss of a guiding light, a mentor, and a friend. Our heartfelt thoughts extend to Libby's family and friends. Vale Libby.

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