Fern Creek Rehabilitation Works

Fern Creek is in the Warriewood Valley and is a rehabilitated creek with many environmental values worthy of protection, including endangered frogs called the Red-crowned Toadlet. It is nestled between bushland, communities and a parkland area.  
Parts of the creek have become damaged by erosion which was threatening to spread up the creek and destroy its values.  
Coupled with this, the Rural Fire Service need to get access over the creek so that they can respond to bushfire emergencies to protect the local community.
In response, Council determined to create a creek crossing combined with creek erosion controls. Through an environmental Contractor - Total Earth Care - Northrop was engaged to design the creek crossing and stream erosion controls.
Geotechnical investigations indicated poor foundations for the culvert so Northrop Structural custom designed the culvert base slab to suit the poor ground conditions, in the most cost-efficient way possible.  
The culvert has rock placed in the base to mimic a more natural creek system.
Carefully placed rockwork is designed to line the stream bed and banks to prevent scour and ongoing problems.  
The result is a creek that functions effectively for the community and all the creatures living in it. 



Client Name
Total Earth Care + Northern Beaches Council

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