Sydney Airport T2/T3 Ground Access Improvement

Sydney Airport has embarked on T2/T3 Ground Access Solutions and Hotel Major Development Plan that was approved by the federal government in March 2015.

Northrop was engaged by Sydney Airport to design and supervise the construction of a new one-way road system and a new Ground Transport Interchange.

These works are designed to deliver improved traffic flows to make it easier for airline passengers, airport workers and other airport visitors to travel to and from the airport by car or public transport. When complete, the improvements will greatly reduce traffic congestion, minimise delays and provide motorists with more ‘green light time’ at key intersections.

Northrop Consulting Engineers provided multi discipline engineering services to realign the road network servicing the domestic terminals. Northrop worked to find solutions that minimised traffic disruption during construction, minimised the need to adjust existing in ground services and respond to challenging ground conditions (contamination and high ground water table). Our design also considered buried utility services.

Sydney Airport T1 Ground Access Improvement
Client Name
Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
Construction Value
$6 million

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