Zambi Wildlife Retreat

Northrop joined forces with Clarendon Homes, along with a group of 30+ project partners, to help design a new home for a family of Hamadryas baboons living at a resort style sanctuary - Zambi Wildlife Retreat - in Wallacia, NSW. The goal was to provide a beautiful and spacious enclosure that would allow the baboons to retire with dignity. The new enclosure is 357sqm and contains play areas, a water feature and plenty of edible lawn to keep the baboons busy!

Definitely not your typical run-of-the-mill project, our Civil team had to (not only) consider traditional engineering standards and practices in this design, but also the Policy on Exhibiting Primates in NSW. With the close guidance of Donna Wilson (Director/ Manager of Zambi Wildlife) and the many project partners, we were able to rise to this challenge and help create an enclosure worthy of these amazing animals.

To see more of the building journey and the project partners involved, click here. 

Videos and images courtesy of Clarendon Homes. 

Client Name
DJRD Architects/ Clarendon Homes

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