Northrop has joined the Materials & Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance

Northrop is proud to announce our recent partnership with the Materials & Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance (MECLA). This partnership is a significant step towards our commitment for every Northrop project to be carbon neutral and climate resilient by 2030.

MECLA brings together experts from over 120 organisations with professionals in architecture, engineering, construction, and material science working together to drive to reduce embodied carbon in the building and construction industry.

Through this partnership, we will contribute to the latest research and best practices in low-carbon materials and embodied carbon strategies. We will work closely with MECLA’s working groups to develop innovative solutions that will reduce the embodied carbon of our projects, from the design phase through to construction and operation.

Benchmarking and measurement of embodied carbon is crucial to keeping well below a 1.5-degree future, which is why our Materials Climate Action Committee Chairs Pip Easling and Lauren Gaudion are representing Northrop on MECLA’s Working Group 2 - Evaluation, looking at methods on embodied carbon measurement at the level of materials, whole buildings and infrastructure.

Pip and Lauren join Senior Sustainability Consultant @Fairouz Anas Ghanem who is already on Working Group 5e - Building Services.

We’re excited to contribute to the latest research and provide the opportunity for our engineers to collaborate with experts across the construction industry.

Structural Engineer
Structural Engineer
Pip EaslingLauren Gaudion

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