Bicentennial Equestrian Park WSUD Strategy

This project commenced when a committee overseeing the management of an international equestrian park wanted to expand their footprint into a 3Ha, natural wetland area. 

Northrop commenced by conducting an objective condition and functional assessment of the wetland (ecology, hydrology, water quality treatment, etc).  We noted it had areas in very good condition, and others in poor condition, i.e. covered with weeds.

As a result, we were able to recommend a balanced approach to its future role.  The wetland areas in good condition would be retained and protected.  Those in poor condition could be removed to make way for a sculpture garden.  Northrop also designed a new area of treatment wetland to treat the flows from an urban catchment. 

The Northrop approach included a stormwater harvesting scheme to be used in the irrigation of the facility.

The scheme was endorsed by the Committee after a presentation to them in the company of Council’s Mayor.  

Bicentennial Equestrian Park
Client Name
Camden Council

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