Water & Environment

Every development, regardless of its built form, will have an impact on its surrounding environment and hydrology. Our job as water and environment engineers is to minimise that impact. 
A well-considered plan for managing and mitigating these impacts is a common sense way to ensure a site’s long-term amenity. It is also nearly always a requirement from local authorities before development approval is given.
We understand that navigating through a council’s approval process is a tricky time for most projects. Unexpected delays or drawn out approval times can add costs, stress and even impact on a project’s viability. Northrop has many years’ experience working on storm water approvals. And our engineers’ established relationships with many councils and understanding of their particular concerns and requirements can help streamline this process. 
As well as helping clients obtain development consents by designing storm water management plans, we have worked with several Sydney councils to devise strategies for within catchment areas or entire local government areas to improve water quality or flows. 
Our water + environment engineers work fluidly with other consultants inside and outside Northrop to co-ordinate design development and deliver a seamless product. 
We know our clients are looking for good technical expertise and problem solving. We know they are looking for cost-effective solutions. And we know they expect our work to comply with all relevant regulations and legislation. But most importantly, we know our clients are looking for engineers good communicators, identify problems before they’re problems, can be flexible around constrained timeframes and deadlines, and can keep a project moving. Working within this framework is our commitment.

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