Sub Base Platypus - 118 High Street, North Sydney

Formerly a torpedo factory, submarine base and gasworks, Sub Base Platypus is an emerging public domain site on the foreshore of North Sydney. Our project involved the redevelopment and adaptive reuse of several defunct buildings for use as commercial and public spaces with the ultimate goal of turning the site into a community and commercial hub.

Originally built as a gasworks in 1875, the age, dilapidation and relative “unknowns” of the ground conditions, required the project team to think creatively in order to address these design challenges. Extensive site investigations were carried out and Northrop worked closely with the client and maintenance contractor to capture as much information about the site to create informed designs. Frequent workshops with the client, maintenance contractor and operators were also carried out to obtain a clear understanding of each stakeholder’s needs to ensure these requirements were incorporated into the design as early as possible.

Along with building services designs, we also created a sustainability strategy to ensure that thermal comfort and energy outcomes were achieved to provide creative commercial spaces akin to that found throughout the inner west. Although parts of the site are still under development, in May 2018, this unique and historically significant site became accessible to the public for the first time in 150 years.

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