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At Northrop, our approach to hydraulic design begins every time with understanding our client and their project. While the visible result of our work may be top-notch water, gas and pressure systems, what our engineers are really aiming for is a solution that best fits our client’s needs and objectives. 
To each new project we bring technical ability and experience in hydraulic design of all scales and complexities. From the most complex, large-scale hospitals; to commercial towers; residential developments of all sizes; and many civic and community facilities. 
With this experience we have learnt adaptability, helping to make the next project respond more perfectly to our client’s requirements. And having worked with clients who could be builders, local developers, land-owners or owner/operators this adaptiveness also applies to our service offering. 
With access to the latest design technology and collaboration platforms, our engineers co-ordinate their hydraulic design work seamlessly with other engineering disciplines here at Northrop or elsewhere, and the wider project design team. 
Our designers loves the different challenges that come with different building and project types. Working on a brand new building is a blank canvas, and finding an optimum design solution is a proven skill of our team. We also frequently work on retrofit projects, where we are faced with an operational building that needs to stay operational. These jobs are a brilliant challenge for our design, staging and project management skills. 
No matter the project, elegant design and responsive solutions are our commitment. We have now developed a catalogue of successfully delivered, environmentally responsible, high performance hydraulic solutions. 

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