University of Canberra Building 28 Lift Annex

The University of Canberra (UC) expanded the provision of health facilities at the Health Hub (bldg 28) intergrating the Australian School of Medical Imaging (ASMI), UC Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physiology in to Level D (the uppermost level). This expansion meant that an increase in building users by close to 100 public, staff and students would put an unacceptable strain on the existing lift with no alternative means of assisted access to Level D. To support the change of buisness operations, an additional 'communication' stair and lift was required to improve connectivity between all levels including the roof (for maintenance) housed within a new annex.

Northrop were engaged as the lead consultant providing comprehensive project management, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and fire services engineering. We provided designs, value engineering and documentation; whilst directly engaging as sub consultants an architect, fire engineer, compliance consultants etc. We were also engaged to generate, submit and achieve all building authority approvals.

As the works were carried out on a functional building the project management and design works needed to be closely coordinated with key stakeholders to ensure the universities existing tenants and academic staff were able to continue operations. Northrop was able to draw on extensive experience in university and built environments to ensure the universities expectations were achieved in as flexible an installation as possible to ensure the building can adapt to future changes in medical technologies and practice. 

Client Name
University of Canberra
Construction Value
$2 million

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