Chau Chak Wing Museum - University of Sydney

Chau Chak Wing Museum at Sydney University is a six-storey development which serves to consolidate the university’s existing collections as well as showcasing future exhibitions of art, science, technology and natural history.

Our structural team’s expertise was demonstrated in the complex and striking façade design which included a large floating box comprising of 32m spanning transfer walls and 15.5 cantilever walls, constructed out of reinforced concrete (which also comprises the finished façade of the building). Structural designs also had to carefully consider the placement of priceless and heavy museum artefacts (e.g. the Egyptian statue of Hathor weighs 3.4 tonnes).

Our acoustic team worked with the wider project team to deliver an environmental noise assessment and acoustic construction advice for insulation to sensitive spaces. Interior spatial acoustics design including acoustic 3D modelling and auralization was undertaken for specialist spaces to demonstrate the effects of various acoustic treatments on the acoustics of the room in an accessible way to the end client. Collaboration with the technical stakeholders form the university and the audio-visual engineers resulted in the best outcomes for acoustic comfort and speech intelligibility.

Northrop is proud to have delivered such a culturally significant project, alongside FDC Construction and Fitout Pty Ltd. 


What our clients had to say about us: 

I’ve worked with Northrop for the past 3 years on Chau Chak Wing Museum, where they provided structural, civil and acoustic services. The quality of work has always been excellent, and I’ve been particularly impressed by their people; their can-do attitude as well as their ability to meet deadlines. A technically complex project, Northrop added value by bringing valuable knowledge and contributing great ideas that solved buildability challenges we had on the project. Overall, it’s been a great experience and I look forward to future projects with Northrop.

Branko Mihaljevic, Senior Project Manager, FDC Construction & Fitout

The University Infrastructure (UI) project team and associated stakeholders greatly appreciated your exceptionally positive engagement throughout the several project workshops to develop the ‘box’ methodology and proactive design solutions.Thank you for your utmost focus on achieving a quality outcome and for your excellent working relationship with the contractor, FDC.

Belinda Hutchinson AC – Chancellor | Dr Michael Spence AC – Vice-Chancellor and Principal The University of Sydney




Client Name
FDC Construction and Fitout; University of Sydney
Construction Value
$50 million

Winner of the Concrete Institute Medallion for Excellence and Kevin Cavanagh Trophy - 2021

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