At Northrop, our experienced acoustics team are at the core of our analytical approach to highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing environments. Through sophisticated modeling technology these unique sound and acoustic designs are seamlessly integrated into the building and architectural design, while offering practical and cost effective sound solutions to your spaces. Benefits of our acoustics capabilities include clarity and speech intelligibility, background noise level control and privacy, compliance, airborne sound insulation, impact sound isolation and structure-borne vibration control.

We have a wide range of capabilities and broad project experience in all types of spaces including: offices/commercial buildings, educational/teaching spaces, concert/performance/entertainment halls, sound/music studios or rehearsal rooms, dance studios, residential/community buildings, medical or industrial environments or anywhere you need to contain or control sound.
Partner with us today for:
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Room Acoustics
  • Mechanical and Building Services Noise Control
  • Building Acoustics Design
  • Facade Acoustics Design
  • Vibration and Environmental Noise Assessment
  • GBCA Green Star Interiors
  • Acoustic Testing and Certification


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