Building Services - Level 3 High Voltage

Northrop offers this specialised service to design and specify the equipment and connections used in all projects that require high voltage power. Northrop has several ‘Level 3’ Accredited Service Providers who design these high voltage systems in New South Wales. 
Often we will begin a high voltage electrical design project with a brief from the supply authority, which outlines what we need to connect and where. One way we assist is by undertaking a critical assessment of the starting brief. Our positive working relationships with supply authorities have meant we’ve been able to secure speedy approvals and negotiate for deviations from their initial brief which provide safer and more cost-effective solutions. 
Given the specialised nature of this service, our electrical engineers are great at co-ordinating this service with other engineering and design disciplines to suit each individual project. We liaise with client, architect, project manager and supply authority to figure out the best option and make it all work.
For every project, understanding our client’s needs and working in lock-step with their design team lets us deliver quality solutions that work for all parties. 

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