Early Careers & Associates Day

As part of the ongoing career journey at Northrop, we recently hosted in person learning, networking and development days for our Early Careers professionals and Associates.


Our Early Careers Day is an event organised to officially welcome our 2024 graduates and trainee drafters and learn more about the unique program. A highlight of the day included hearing from Managing Partner, Mark Sturgess, on culture, values and what a future at Northrop looks like. Our Graduates and Trainees also received some soft skill development, heard career stories and received pieces of advice from a great mix of people across the business.


For those at the next stage of their career, we held an Associates Day, which included brainstorming strategies for implementing our new Careers Pathways, a growth mindset session and learning about fostering relationships and collaboration. The day concluded with learning about Aboriginal Art and was put to the test each creating an art piece.


If you're interested in being part of a career at Northrop, you can learn more about our upcoming graduate and undergraduate opportunities here - https://prosple.com/graduate-employers/northrop-consulting-engineers/jobs-internships


Associate | People & Culture Manager
Early Careers Specialist
Principal | Managing Partner
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