Christian Kirrage

Principal, Structural Engineer

Christian joined Northrop in 2000 where he worked for six years before heading to Dubai. He spent 12 months working on several projects throughout the UAE, before returning to Northrop in late 2008. Christian was the Structural Engineering Manager of the Newcastle business and became a Principal in 2011.

Over the past two decades, Christian has developed his expertise across a range of engineering projects from multi-storey residential developments, industrial/ bulky goods facilities, to the delivery of large retail projects. 

Christian also has a particular interest in the delivery of multi-storey residential aged care and lifestyle facilities where he can draw on his extensive experience in the design of multi-storey building structures to address the specific needs associated with the delivery of vertical villages.

Christian has a passion for helping clients realise the potential of their projects and enjoys getting involved in the early stages of developents. He strongly believes that early involvement provides the opportunity to capitalise on the value of engineering initiatives that may be available, reducing costs, helping to manage risk and expedite the delivery of the project.



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