Jamie Shelton

Principal | Senior Structural Engineer

Jamie commenced his career with Northrop in 1988 as a graduate engineer in the Canberra office. In 1996 he became an Associate and was appointed a Principal in 1998. From 2001 to 2016 he was the Sydney Regional Manager and became Northrop's CEO for five years. 

In 2022, he has been appointed into a new role focusing on growing the Melbourne region and engaging with larger client partnerships.

The Northrop people and our culture continue to provides his inspiration, including the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and working in an environment valuing excellence, teamwork and commerciality. He seeks to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, which empowers Northrop people to reach their full potential and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Jamie enjoys working with great people, within Northrop, with clients and in collaborative teams. He likes being part of the action, and seeing both the clients’ business, and the Northrop’s relationship with those clients grow. He believes that investing time and effort to build close relationships deepens our understanding of our clients, leading to enduring partnerships and great project results. It’s on the back of this investment that we can apply our professional knowledge and experience to make our clients' lives easier and their projects successful.

Jamie believes in Realising Potential and sees no better place to fulfil this than Northrop.


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