Mausoleum of The Holy Way at Macquarie Park

The Mausoleum of the Holy Way forms the centre piece of a major expansion project of the greater Macquarie Park Cemetery – which at over 100 years old, is one of Sydney’s oldest and largest cemeteries. Designed as a semi-open space to complement the surrounding area, the Mausoleum provides a sanctuary for remembrance, worship, and quiet reflection. Celebrating Sydney’s multi-cultural society, it caters for all religious, ethnic and cultural groups.  

The striking and complex architectural design, our main project challenge, meant that a bespoke building services design, with high attention to detail, would be essential to achieve the architectural intent. As we provided all building services, careful coordination of our design was key to our success, and we worked very closely with the architects and project managers to co-create a carefully co-ordinated design.

Sourcing an electrical feed, around existing burial sites, was another challenge which our team were able to solve by tracing back all the electrical services around the area and coming up with an options strategy for the client.

Solar PV arrays were considered in our design to provide supplementary energy availability to the services surrounding the new site. The intent of the system was to provide a cost-effective source of electricity to the house services and reduce reliance from the fixed network. The site's exposure to majority sun throughout the daylight hours make it a perfectly suitable solution to integrate Solar PV systems.

At a glance, the Mausoleum features:

  • 660 above ground crypts with natural stone
  • Five distinct family vaults, each providing 12 crypt spaces
  • Various columbaria spaces for ash interments
  • Courtyard and water features at the entrance of the complex
  • New landscaping including a separate reflection garden
  • New amenities block.

To hear more about this project, contact Alan Margaris - Associate | Electrical Engineer - 02 9241 4188. 

Photography by Reily Tong. 

Client Name
Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust/ Gardener Wetherill/ Lighthouse Project Group
Construction Value
$12 million

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