RFBI Hawkins Masonic Village

RFBI proposed a complete redevelopment of their Hawkins Masonic Retirement Village in Edgeworth. The village originally catered for over 300 residential care and self-care residents. The proposal was to redevelop the site into a state-of-the-art Retirement Village that provides care for all ranges of residential aged care services including but not limited to ageing in place supported care, assisted care, palliation and self-care.

A discipline relevant presentation was provided to RFBI to ensure the client and the design teams fully understood the proposal for the new facility.  This presentation provided the client an opportunity to ask questions and challenge the design philosophies on certain systems to ensure that the proposed arrangements were the right ones for this facility.

Our Acoustics team closely coordinated with the internal mechanical design to ensure the interior walls complied with the BCA. As the fa├žade design was very complex with the driveway leading to an underground loading dock adjacent to resident’s rooms, as well as noisy kitchen exhaust fans on the roof.

There were several advanced technological systems required such as a Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED), connected to the HVAC system in order to provide the most cost-effective running costs.  While the battery storage, connected to an IP system, was installed to monitor overall power demands and inject the power from batteries during peak periods. 

Northrop worked closely with the ECI builder, Project Managers and the RFBI to deliver the building services design to contract documentation as part of a design and construct procurement strategy.


Client Name
Planix Projects
Construction Value
$40 million

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