Rodney Pratt

CPeng (Civil) (Hon) MIEAust NER

Rodney is a senior structural engineer and group manager in the Wollongong office. Rodney has been with Northrop since January 2005 when he started as a structural graduate, and in October 2009 attained his chartered (CPEng) status with Engineers Australia.

In 2013 Rodney became an Associate with Northrop. Rodney has honed his skills on a number of different fronts including structural design and documentation, construction phase servicing, project management and delivery and multi-disciplinary design coordination. He has worked on a diverse range of structures, from low to high density multi-level residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

Most recently Rodney has been involved in a number of large high-density residential design projects and subsequent construction phase services, working closely with builders and architects under both Design and Construct and Lump Sum contracts. He has also been involved in the design of a number of high-end architectural homes and commercial projects with well-known architects in the Sydney region and enjoys the rigour and complexity of detailed architectural design. Rodney has a keen eye for detail and is passionate about good collaboration between architects and engineers to produce the best structure for the client.

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