Trevor Clack

BEng (Civil) (Hons) CPEng
Principal | DIRECTOR | Central Coast Leader | Structural Engineer


Trevor is a Senior Structural Engineer and Manager of Northrop’s Central Coast office with over 20 years professional experience delivering unique and exclusive outcomes for Northrop clients.

Trevor first joined the Northrop team in 2000 at the Canberra office before relocating to Newcastle.

In 2003, Trevor established the Central Coast office with a strong desire to provide the Central Coast community with high quality, innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions. Trevor has guided and mentored our Central Coast team on a wide range of projects from beachfront housing and multi-storey residential; to aged care, commercial, and industrial developments. During his time as Office Manager, the team has grown to 21 staff and continues to expand every year.

Problem solving to find the best possible solution for his clients is Trevor’s passion. He is thorough and meticulous in his designs and treats his client’s projects like they were his own. He loves to collaborate with the project team to develop bespoke engineering solutions that enable his clients to realise the full potential of their projects and turn their vision into a reality.

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