Trevor Clack

BEng (Civil) (Hons) CPEng
Principal, DIRECTOR, Central Coast Manager, Structural Engineer


Trevor began his career with Northrop as a structural engineer in 2000. Having worked at both our Canberra and Newcastle offices, he established the Central Coast office in 2003. 

Since joining Northrop, Trevor has been responsible for the delivery of both Structural and Multi-Disciplinary engineering services across a wide range of project types. These projects range from prestige houses, modular construction, health and aged care developments, sporting and recreational facilities to multi-storey buildings.

Trevor’s passion has always been in delivering great engineering outcomes for our clients. He thrives on the opportunity to work with a project team to gain an understanding of the projects needs, and then drive our engineering solutions toward meeting those needs. His wide-ranging experience combined with an ability to find imaginative solutions to engineering problems makes him an asset to any project team.

Trevor is the manager of our Central Coast office; a position he has held for more than 15 years; is a Principal of Northrop, and is also a Northrop Director.


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